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Amadei Talents is the place where we publish new releases and success stories of Amadei community members.

Amadei Distribution: Eli

With our posts and publications you may think that Amadei a totally into those trap-dance-techno-house stuff. But we are not. And there is example of the very special collaboration. Eli, Ukrainian artist ordered Amadei’s Distribution and we’ve helped to release five (!) of his tracks on the Beatport. Let’s check it quickly. Christmas Song. Eli’s […]

Amadei Release: PSYRUS – Blind

We are glad to present you release of our good ol’ bro – PSYRUS. Please welcome, Blind. What does Blind sounds like? It sounds like nice, energetic and powerful fusion of genres. Let’s look closer. Music. Blind presents you genre rollercoaster. Soft and light verse music which ask you to warm-up with steady beat suddenly […]

Amadei Distribution: Phenomeno

Bassline and techno music is such a big thing today, that Amadei created special label: Amadei EDM for Beatport Distribution. On of the biggest artist on Amadeo EDM is Phenomeno: we’ve released his six tracks since November 2019. Magic star EP: Shock: the Point: it Out in collaboration with Tony Pride: […]

Amadei Distribution: Make It Bounce

World is on pause, Amadei and his bros keep going! Three artists, Tony Pride, Gigi and Phenomeno created and released track “Make It Bounce” on April. It could be described as old school rave track, which shed its skin and became young and powerful. Deep bassline, techno open-air samples which begs to be danced and […]

Ikill Orion

When asked about his inspiration behind his sexy, outgoing tunes, Orion states “The inspiration to create music didn’t just come from one source it flourished out of a hunger,burning desire & necessity to express myself fully. In essence the relationship I have with music is one that is both soulful & spiritual. He also claims, […]

Das Ziel by ZESKULLZ

We are all about making music on the Amadei. But we have different talents, if you know, what we mean. Today we present you release of the «Das Ziel» book, written by Alexey Komov aka ZESKULLZ, Amadei co-founder. «Das Ziel» is kind of the cry of the soul. Pure and artistic ZESKULLZ words, turn on […]

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