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Amadei Talents is the place where we publish new releases and success stories of Amadei community members.

Amadei Teaser: LEEONA – Grani

Some stories of success already happened, some set in the future. We would like to present you magnificent LEEONA and her upcoming banger – Grani. LEEONA creates beautiful dance\pop stuff and we, at Amadei were glad to help her sign a contract with professional Russian label – First Musical Publishing! Check “Grani” on the 7th […]

Your Stories: Gelida

You keep sending us your stories, an that’s awesome! We are glad to share you story by Gelida, 17-year-old producer from Denmark. Following paragraph is almost unedited story, told by Gelida. My music production started in 2017. I decided not to use money for 6 months, so I could buy Fl Studio 12. I succeeded! […]

Your Stories: TEMIX

In 2013, i started music with the dream of also becoming a lawyer. January, 2014 came and i entered the studio to record my first single which was born out of confusion of what style of music i was going to be acquainted with. Moving on with several challenges, the craziest and fiercest of them […]

Amadei Releases: RUSYN – Аномалия

Amadei decided to end this July with Russian rap. Just kidding, it is all matter of coincidence, but our JU parade ends with RUSYN’s track “Аномалия”. It is a rap track with pleasing beat, great flow and rather dark vibe of a big city. Perfect background for your stories, made while driving (don’t do that, […]

Amadei Releases: Darzhaev – Lavina

Good vibe from South is arrived. Darzhaev released “Lavina” on Amadei. It is amazing mix of EDM, romantic music and local style, crystalized in one track. “Lavina” by Darzhaev is available on: The Beatport: Traxsource: Yandex:

Amadei Releases: KISELEV – Рядом

Amadei goes fully romantic on July. One more track to kiss under rain for you: KISELEV dropped his “Рядом” and it’s beautiful. Maybe no just for kissing, but also for crying after hard breakup. Anyway, check it out, listen to it’s deep vocals, which really close to whisper. “Рядом” by KISELEV is available on: The […]

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