Your stories

Your Stories: Mari Ferrari and Fugo
Another story of successful music promotion on TikTok is the single «Slow» by Mari Ferrari and Fugo The music collaboration of two DJs was promoted by the Amadei team in one of the most dynamic social networks in the world. Due to this, the single went viral on TikTok and…
Your Stories: SHATOHA
You already know about our progress in TikTok – now we can demonstrate how we succeeded in the promotional campaign on VK and YouTube. The promotion of the release primarily depends on the effective placement in social networks. We released the song in 20 VK communities for SHATOHA, the total…
LEEONA – Тokom
LEEONA: the story of promoting a single on TikTokThe music industry is full of examples of artists becoming popular thanks to fifteen second videos of their tracks.To promote LEEONA’s «Tokom» track, we also chose TikTok as our main tool. The single featured a relaxed vocals and 80s atmosphere.As a result,…
Your Stories: RASSTER
Our success stories don’t end there! Next artist is Rasster. Rasster is a musician whose tracks you can hear on radio stations and in the top music charts. The artist’s rhythmic compositions fascinate listeners, falling into their playlists forever.The new track “Numb” is no exception! Our team has been promoting…
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