Oops… It looks like we have a contest! 🤩
We’re giving away two Crash Tests for 300$ and three Distributions! The conditions are very simple:✔️Make a repost of this post to your Stories and be sure to tag us!✔️Tag two friends you’d like to record a track with in the comments below. 🤫 Hint: The more friends you tag,…
Coming soon: Kinky Sound (RU) ft. Lisa Williams (UK)
Guys, huge announcement here! Another great collab are coming soon, and Amadei team is involved!⠀Russian DJ Kinky Sound created a track with vocals by glorious UK singer Lisa Williams! Their track INDIE DANCE is to be released on 3rd of July, don’t miss it. Kinky Sound on Beatport: A…
2020 First half and forward: Music industry figures
Wise man said music is mathematics. So, it’s tightly connected to figures and facts. Amadei has collected most important figures about music industry in Q1 of 2020. What’s going on now Streaming has grown up to 26.2% with around 26.6 million units. The growth is steady, but slightly slower compared…
Amadei Distribution: Phenomeno
Bassline and techno music is such a big thing today, that Amadei created special label: Amadei EDM for Beatport Distribution. On of the biggest artist on Amadeo EDM is Phenomeno: we’ve released his six tracks since November 2019.Magic star EP: Shock: the Point: it Out in collaboration…
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