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7 New Albums You Should Listen to Now
With so much good music being released all the time, it can be hard to determine what to listen to first. Every week, Pitchfork offers a run-down of significant new releases available on streaming services. This week’s batch includes new albums from U.S. Girls, Stephen Malkmus, Jhené Aiko, Brandy Clark,…
Rasster feat. Kye Sones – Nirvana
Rasster is a well-known Russian sound producer, DJ, and performer of famous remixes. The number of Rasster music listeners in 2020 exceeded 100,000,000. Kye Sones is a famous pop singer from England who is best known as a finalist in series 9 of The X Factor UK. Rasster feat Kye…
2020 First half and forward: Music industry figures
Wise man said music is mathematics. So, it’s tightly connected to figures and facts. Amadei has collected most important figures about music industry in Q1 of 2020. What’s going on now Streaming has grown up to 26.2% with around 26.6 million units. The growth is steady, but slightly slower compared…
We need a doctor
Someone is born to be famous rapper. Someone is born to be producer. Someone is finding talents and helping them to become famous. Dr Dre makes it all. Straight Outta Compton Andre Rommel Young aka Dr Dre was born in 1965 in unfamous city of Compton, California. He was absolutely…
Music industry in 2019
Music and math were also somewhere near. So, it’s time to review figures of music industry in 2019. Money and figures Major fact: industry is still going, for the fifth year in a row. For five years global revenue has grown to $4.9 bn and hit the mark of $19.1.…
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