Get $3000, $15000 or $25000 funding for music promotion!

✨What you need to do:Subscribe to @theamadeiWrite in dm “Choose my track”. ✨100% of financed amount goes to music promotion via:YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music,...

✨What you need to do:
Subscribe to @theamadei
Write in dm “Choose my track”.

✨100% of financed amount goes to music promotion via:
YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Pitching on the Radio and to playlists, PR, Media Coverage, Influencers.

The artist signs an exclusive licensing agreement with Amadei label.
Amadei distributes track to all streaming platforms and runs PR and promotion campaign

✨Terms of agreement:
Royalty split 50/50 % after deduction of all expensies made by Amadei.

Boost your music career! Theamadei gives you that chance, don’t miss it 🎧

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