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Rasster feat. Kye Sones – Nirvana
Rasster is a well-known Russian sound producer, DJ, and performer of famous remixes. The number of Rasster music listeners in 2020 exceeded 100,000,000. Kye Sones is a famous pop singer from England who is best known as a finalist in series 9 of The X Factor UK. Rasster feat Kye…
Amadei Teaser: LEEONA – Grani
Some stories of success already happened, some set in the future. We would like to present you magnificent LEEONA and her upcoming banger – Grani. LEEONA creates beautiful dance\pop stuff and we, at Amadei were glad to help her sign a contract with professional Russian label – First Musical Publishing!…
Your Stories: Gelida
You keep sending us your stories, an that’s awesome! We are glad to share you story by Gelida, 17-year-old producer from Denmark. Following paragraph is almost unedited story, told by Gelida. My music production started in 2017. I decided not to use money for 6 months, so I could buy…
Amadei Releases: RUSYN – Аномалия
Amadei decided to end this July with Russian rap. Just kidding, it is all matter of coincidence, but our JU parade ends with RUSYN’s track “Аномалия”. It is a rap track with pleasing beat, great flow and rather dark vibe of a big city. Perfect background for your stories, made…
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