Amadei Teaser: LEEONA – Grani
Some stories of success already happened, some set in the future. We would like to present you magnificent LEEONA and her upcoming banger – Grani. LEEONA creates beautiful dance\pop stuff and we, at Amadei were glad to help her sign a contract with professional Russian label – First Musical Publishing!…
Your Stories: Gelida
You keep sending us your stories, an that’s awesome! We are glad to share you story by Gelida, 17-year-old producer from Denmark. Following paragraph is almost unedited story, told by Gelida. My music production started in 2017. I decided not to use money for 6 months, so I could buy…
Amadei Releases: RUSYN – Аномалия
Amadei decided to end this July with Russian rap. Just kidding, it is all matter of coincidence, but our JU parade ends with RUSYN’s track “Аномалия”. It is a rap track with pleasing beat, great flow and rather dark vibe of a big city. Perfect background for your stories, made…
Amadei Releases: Darzhaev – Lavina
Good vibe from South is arrived. Darzhaev released “Lavina” on Amadei. It is amazing mix of EDM, romantic music and local style, crystalized in one track. “Lavina” by Darzhaev is available on: The Beatport: Traxsource: Yandex:…
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