We need a doctor
Someone is born to be famous rapper. Someone is born to be producer. Someone is finding talents and helping them to become famous. Dr Dre makes it all. Straight Outta Compton Andre Rommel Young aka Dr Dre was born in 1965 in unfamous city of Compton, California. He was absolutely…
The Prodigy: Star was born
There is no way for you not to know who Prodigy is. British techno band revolutionized genre and always balanced between mainstream and underground. Let’s see who the story started. His majesty, sir Liam Talking about The Prodigy, most of the fans will remind prominent person of Keith Flint –…
Dub: First genre of remixes
Everybody knows dubstep. Most of you know what dubbing is. Someone knows dub-techno. But what is Dub? Let’s find out. Jamaican style Dub music was born deep inside of Jamaican music studios in the late 60’s. Starting point a usually referred to 1967, when King Tubby achieved new sound while…
Roland TR-808: Box that created new world
If you ever made a single track or listen to video about music video, you have heard term ‘808 drums’. But what is it? Rap, trap, hip-hop and dozen of other genres should be grateful to Roland TR-80, drum machine that changed music.  Story begins Roland TR-808 was made by…
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