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In 2013, i started music with the dream of also becoming a lawyer. January, 2014 came and i entered the studio to record my...

In 2013, i started music with the dream of also becoming a lawyer. January, 2014 came and i entered the studio to record my first single which was born out of confusion of what style of music i was going to be acquainted with. Moving on with several challenges, the craziest and fiercest of them being combining two distinct careers- of music and law- at the same time. My mom, then never supported my idea of making music at the same time going to school to study law. Many times i broke down with several other challenges storming my way, but my stubbornness to continue the process without listening to pessimists and giving up to these challenges, made my determination much more stronger as the days went by.

Having recorded over 40 songs, In 2018, i released my debut EP, AMOPE – An Ode to Love and Life. A song off the EP, BABYOH, was premiered in August 2018 on Legacy90.1fm, a top radio in Manchester UK. This marked the beginning of my huge presence in the International music scene. In 2019, i released my biggest collaboration till date, RO DADA with Offrami from Lebanon. Ro dada, has over 15Million streams on all music platforms. several other international collaborations have been made since then. My new single release is scheduled to drop on the 21st of August, 2020. Watchout!!!

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