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With our posts and publications you may think that Amadei a totally into those trap-dance-techno-house stuff. But we are not. And there is example...

With our posts and publications you may think that Amadei a totally into those trap-dance-techno-house stuff. But we are not. And there is example of the very special collaboration.

Eli, Ukrainian artist ordered Amadei’s Distribution and we’ve helped to release five (!) of his tracks on the Beatport. Let’s check it quickly.

Christmas Song. Eli’s pack was released on 13th January 2020, shortly after orthodox Christmas. That is it’s whole vibe – ethnic, family-like, but stylish and modern at the same time. Christmas Song sound like on of those nursery rhymes, that your grandma sang when you was a kid.

Svit ne Spit (World is awake). Mood of the song moved from that Christmas vibe to celebration of something energetic, powerful, enriching you with pure joy. Beautiful Ukrainian vocals remain.

What If. Eli decided to add some BPM, guitar and English vocals, which made it whole lot a difference. What if sounds more western-ish and somehow emotional, take a minute and check it out.

Never Looking Back. Moby, Radiohead and David Bowie in one mix. Very futuristic, very out-of-this-world, mostly composed with electronic instrument. Your instrument of the soul trip late in the evening.

Ne Zabuvay (Do not forget). We are back to the beautiful Ukrainian lyrics. Song about feelings, memory, friendship and love, it will fit perfectly in old school melodramatic TV Series.

That amazing music departure became a real thing within collaboration of two things: huge talent of Eli and Amadei Distribution service. Join us, take your first step in music industry.

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