Amadei Release: PSYRUS – Blind

We are glad to present you release of our good ol’ bro – PSYRUS. Please welcome, Blind. What does Blind sounds like? It sounds...

We are glad to present you release of our good ol’ bro – PSYRUS. Please welcome, Blind.

What does Blind sounds like? It sounds like nice, energetic and powerful fusion of genres. Let’s look closer.

Music. Blind presents you genre rollercoaster. Soft and light verse music which ask you to warm-up with steady beat suddenly rise up with rock chorus, supported by amazing vocals! Talking about rock: PSYRUS definitely got his inspiration from classic rock bands like AC\DC, Queen, Scorpions and so on and so for. Those chorus tells you.

Lyrics. Blind is deeply philosophical and full of metaphors. Even name itself is metaphor: blind people, which cannot see each other and keep pretending, not living.

Video. It’s coming soon, but you HAVE to see it. Blind Music Video is great, trust me.

PSYRUS bandlink:

Blind is available on Beatport, Apple Music, iTunes, Yandex Music and Spotify.

We and PSYRUS have a long-term relationship. It all started with distribution of his track NUTCASE, created in collaboration with NOAH SEBASTIAN. This song is a trap song with fat bass and banging vocals, which penetrates your mind from the first listening. With our distribution service NUTCASE hit Beatport and started its ongoing trip through the music scene.

NUTCASE got a couple remixes, one of them – form our co-founder ZESKULLZ.

NUTCASE was released in September 2019 on Amadei Bass – this particular section of the Amadei keeps on working with PSYRUS.

Next song, distributed on Beatport, was Wicked Vision, released in February 2020. It kept trap and futuristic bassline-ish sound, but switched a little bit into romantic and seductive aura. It’s core idea could be viewed through album cover, which looks like cult classic like Guns’n’Roses. Wicked Visions came out in original and instrumental versions and was included in AMADEIB002 catalog.

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