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⠀ TikTok is one of the agile social networks where a person can become popular without having any weight in the industry or professional...

TikTok is one of the agile social networks where a person can become popular without having any weight in the industry or professional media experience. Using viral mechanics, previously unknown performers can become the idols of millions overnight.⠀Our music platform promotes any music pieces in TikTok, regardless of the genre or style. The opinion that only «hype» sound can be effectively promoted in this social network is often erroneous. One such example is Andrey Doronichev with his track «Etot Gorod» («This City» — translated from Russian).⠀Andrey Doronichev is the creator of YouTube Mobile and the Product Director in Google. Previously, Andrey was not connected with the music business and recorded his song for non-commercial purposes. For the performer, this single was a creative self-expression, but not a project to get financial benefits. The performer did not try to get into the trends of the industry or meet the musical standards. Nevertheless, the release of «Etot Gorod» was appreciated by users with millions of views and hundreds of videos shot to the sound of this song.⠀While distributing songs in TikTok, we used our own methods, due to which hundreds of tracks by novice artists have already found their listeners.⠀

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