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Most people think, that making music is very expensive. For sure, you need investment. But some of the parts of the creation (especially on...

Most people think, that making music is very expensive. For sure, you need investment. But some of the parts of the creation (especially on the first steps) could be cheap or even free.

For example, free tools for creating music. Beatmachines, stations, sound Software. free ones are not quite professional, but it’s quite suitable for starting point. Some of the free instruments are not valid as long as you call yourself professional. Some of the free stuff will help you all the way long. Good example: free loops.

Usually, loop in music industry means short repeating section of sound material. You may call it sample and creation of music from samples is sampling. Almost every EDM DJ use loops. You may not hear it, but they are her. One of the greatest loop magicians is Liam Howlett form The Prodigy. Just look at one of his iconic tracks, recreated by Jim Pavloff:

Simple idea: you can use samples and loops in your tracks. And there are tons of free loops around the internet. We’ve collected and grouped main sources of free loops.

Totally free

All the sites is completely free – download for pure joy of creation.

Free Sound

LOT of free samples of different kind, and you can even share your loops here. Use it wisely.


Enormous numbers of various free loops: around hundred categories.

BBC Sound effects

BBC made their 16.000-loop database available for free! Use it for creating your sound, don’t waste that opportunity.


Database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. A bit old-fashioned but still brilliant


Name says for itself – lots of different free loops


Site was made by group of sound producers, who tried to create diverce database for musicians. And they did it! Click «FREE» tab, check out loops.

Partially Free

Some of the loops on that websites are free, some of them are not.


Around 10 000 samples with easy and detailed search by genre, artist, type, key and BPM.


You can “purchase” samples on SampleFocus by credits: specific local value, given to each user every Monday.


Royalty-free status is not guaranteed for every sample on SampleSwap, but most of them ARE royalty free.


It has lot of free samples, as well as bassline and more specific like #Tropical EDM and so on, and so for.


Looport has free membership option, which allows you to download up to 10 Gb of loops.


It’s basically not free at all, but there are free downloads each month.


As usual: free and paid parts, first one is bit smaller.


Part of Storyblocks, has some nice free loops.

Special guests

Unusual, not quite common sites, but with free loops as well.


Fashionable name, isn’t it? As you can tell, free acapellas for your mixes, all sorts.


It has not just stock photos for memes, but royalty free sounds too.


Yeah, Reddit, we didn’t made mistake. Check this subreddits, they have some loops for you:

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