Successful launch on HIT USA Radio

We are happy to share success of our artists !See a cool story about Lislee with the track “Letayu”. Hit USA Radio played her...

We are happy to share success of our artists !
See a cool story about Lislee with the track “Letayu”.

Hit USA Radio played her song in a famous international radio show! We are confident that Lislee will continue to be rotating on air moving higher and higher!

How did she make it to an international radio station?
Lislee has a PRO-subscription on our platform. It only costs $100 per year! As a recipient, she gets a mail once a week to submit a track to the radio. She successfully sent her song and made it to the air! She definitely broadened her audience, conquering some new territories!
We wish Lislee the best of luck! keep on rocking!

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