Your Stories: Zara Arshakian and her courage
We asked you to send your success stories. You’ve made it and we are ready to tell them. First one is about how courage breaks any walls.It was sent by Zara Arshakian. Here is translation from Russian. When I was in LA at Lila James (R’n’B singer) concert, I couldn’t…
2020 First half and forward: Music industry figures
Wise man said music is mathematics. So, it’s tightly connected to figures and facts. Amadei has collected most important figures about music industry in Q1 of 2020. What’s going on now Streaming has grown up to 26.2% with around 26.6 million units. The growth is steady, but slightly slower compared…
Ikill Orion
When asked about his inspiration behind his sexy, outgoing tunes, Orion states “The inspiration to create music didn’t just come from one source it flourished out of a hunger,burning desire & necessity to express myself fully. In essence the relationship I have with music is one that is both soulful…
Das Ziel by ZESKULLZ
We are all about making music on the Amadei. But we have different talents, if you know, what we mean. Today we present you release of the «Das Ziel» book, written by Alexey Komov aka ZESKULLZ, Amadei co-founder. «Das Ziel» is kind of the cry of the soul. Pure and…
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